Thursday, April 14, 2011


To Lighthouse Baptist Church San Diego 'leadership', Joshua Stephenson, Jeff Mcardle and his Valera Bible Society and Peter Ruckman and his criminal board of directors.

Dear Sirs,

This is not the first time I have written to you -BEGGING YOU- to address the extreme abuse
that my family and I have been subjected to by the 'leadership' of your church.

I have written many letters to you -ALL OF WHICH HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY IGNORED-

I guess you're too busy murdering people with your bibles and enslaving Christians and making merchandise
out of them to listen to us.

We have been conned out of our home by your leadership. Your 'Doctor' Doug Brandenberg not only
deceived me and enslaved me with his 'man of God' lies and manipulation that only you have the truth
and that if I don't blindly obey 'the man of God' that I will go to hell, but he has been directly involved in a
fraud that cost us our home and life savings and over $250,000 in damages...along with Joshua Stephenson
who runs a satellite church that you finance 'bible believers baptist church' in El Cajon.

You murderers with bibles sent me to that church after you threw me out without a hearing -breaking your own laws of incorporation-. Everything that me, my fiancee and my mother ever told Gill Torres -your associate pastor- in confidence during your mandated 'counseling sessions' has been brought up to be used against us as a tool of extorsion by the very people that defrauded us...Peter Ruckman, Jeff Mcardle, Joshua Stephenson, et al.

I have spent the last 13 months of my life filing criminal complaints against my defrauders and we have not included you in the criminal complaints -at least not yet- and we have been building and preparing our case of fraud and talking to the main stream media and exposing your crimes on the internet with the help of other IFB Cult Survivors.

You criminals make me sick!!! You make merchandise out of people and enslave them for filthy lucre sake!! You are not 'pastors' or 'ministers of God' you are deceivers and extorsioners and defrauders and 'murderers with bibles' because you murder people (character assasinate them and enslave them) with your filthy lies!!

We demand financial restitution for the criminal attrocities you have committed against our family...We want our house back that you took from this fraud and we know that you are in bed with Mcardle and Ruckman on this one...because those threats and personal info we shared with Gill Torres came out of Ruckman and Mcardle's mouth as extorsion tools against us to try to shut us up to avoid embarrassment regarding incest in my ex fiancees family, satanic ritual abuse in my family that we have been a victim of and personal tragedy in our lives that you want to capitalize upon as a tool of extorsion against us...Shame on you Murderers with bibles!!

We will not let you get away with it...I was officially thrown out of the Spanish Ministry when I told Gill Torres that his 'right hand man' (or right hand Murderer) was a Jesuit priest (which he is, trained in Mexico by the Jesuit order as a Catholic Priest) teaching damnable Cat Holic heresies not in the bible and committing adultery with 2 women in the church (and Gill Torres has covered up other adultery scandals of his right hand man)...then I confronted Gill Torres on promoting the Reina Valera 1960 critical text but all he wants to do is swap pulpits and get rich with his heretic friend Elmer Fernandez who promotes that catholic claim you stand for the word of God...what a sham!!

Then I moved to the English ministry and was viciously targetted by one of your 'handlers' Dr. Dog Brandenberg with his damnable lies that only you have the truth, that I have to be baptized in an IFB Cult sespool water to be 'saved'...and forced me to go 'get saved' again more than 20 years after I got saved at age 15...continually manipulating me and telling me I was not saved and I could not be saved. This murderer with a bible told me I needed to get out of the wedding business if I wanted to continue in the ministry and that I could not 'walk with God' or be saved if I did that kind of work and I sold my business -twice- at an enormous financial cost to me only to please this heretic who enslaved my mind with his lies.

You murderers with bibles lied about my financial contributions, you purposely did not report much of the money I gave to your church and when I complained about it you asked me whether I was 'giving it to God' or 'giving it to Caesar' and that it was better for you not to report it that way you would not have to pay as many taxes and you could help more missionaries that way...Little did I know you were stealing from the flock...not only do you lie to people and deceive them into believing that only you 'mighty men of God' have the truth but you defraud us out of our money for filthy lucre's sake.

and I know you cover up alot of crimes in your church...I know two girls that came in through your bus ministry that were PHYSICALLY RAPED by men in your 'leadership' but they refuse to talk because you threatened them and told them to 'leave it to the Lord'...same thing that they did to Tina Anderson who just came out on ABC 20/ murderers with bibles cover up your crimes really good don't you??

You murderers rule through fear and intimidation and extreme indoctrination and mind control. All my friends that built the Spanish ministry from 200 to over 1000 that heretic Gill Torres (the Spanish 'pastor') and his Jesuit right hand Julio Garcia threw out in contempt...You ran out all the men that built that church, you used us to build that church and bring all those people in and then you throw us out like its are the Matthew 23 scum of the Earth that the Lord talked about...The whole condemnation of this generation rests on your shoulders!!!

You make a big stink about Gill Torres' wife when she got cancer and died and you never visited my mother after we were left out on the street -after you and Mcardle and Ruckman- defrauded us out of our home...You ruthless murderers with bibles...May God throw the whole book of the Law at you you merciless cowards!!

We demand restitution...Your filthy lawyer friend David Gibbs is a criminal co conspirator of you...I called the 'Christian Law Association' to tell them about Doug Brandenberg and all the Damnable heresies he teaches and how he had me mind controlled with his Jesuit lies and the very next day you throw me out of the church with a call from Brandenberg throwing me out...You people are sick!! There is no attorney client privilege with that David Gibbs...he only protects pedophiles like you and criminals in the ministry like you...we gave over $1000 to the CLA with the Lies of Gibbs saying that if we ever had legal problems that the CLA would help us but instead he betrayed us and broke the law...That criminal should be disbarred and charged with conspiracy to protect the IFB Cult and it's crimes!!! You murderers with bibles have no honor!! You are just ruthless criminals out to make merchandise out of people!!

Then after you take our home and all the money and service we gave to your 'church' you try to have me imprisoned with bogus trumped up charges that you came up with in the first place (see video for details, I don't care to repeat the story)

We give you one week to talk to us about compensation...We want compensation for what you have done to us, otherwise we will also file criminal charges against all of you as well as sue you in civil court for damages from your financial fraud against us.

We are in contact with ABC 20/20 and have the support of IFB Cult Survivors all over and a watchdog organization is going to do a story on what you murderers with bibles have done to us and distribute it to over 2500 IFB churches nationwide.

We demand restitution!!! We are utterly disgusted with you Murderers with Bibles!!

Make no mistake about it, We will spend the rest of our lives fighting for restitution and We will Expose you
to the world for the frauds you have committed against us and will Demand your resignation and to be criminally tried...We demand restitution right now!!!

Here's the video links of what you murderers did to us: (what you murderers did to us) (whole story of the fraud) (public address to lighthouse baptist church) (criminal indictment imminent) (valera bible society fraud) (jeff mcardle broke on $300,000 a year)

Our blog:

In Christ,

Lidia Ibarra and Allen Sanchez for Spanish Baptist Press

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